Mini Magoo Cereals

2nd December 2016

We’ve just found Mini Magoo’s cereals in Borough market and thought you’d like them too.

Even in this day and age Mini Magoo had been unimpressed with the majority of cereals and so set out to create by hand the purest and most natural cereal using 100 % organic crops, fruits, berries, seeds and nuts – after a lot of effort and trial and error she has created a truly tasty brand.  Totally additive free, no sugar, salt or oil, some are allergen free, some already award-winning and all packaged in resealable ecobags.

There are about 20 varieties to choose from – cornflakes, granola, granuesli, muesli, porridge and funstuff – the gluten free and wheat-free seed and nut mix that was the first product Mini created.