A Unique English Gin

26th October 2018

Gin Lovers – there’s always room for one more gin and this one is rather different.  Chilgrove Dry Gin is a combination of historic and contemporary ideas to create a new style of English Gin.  Made in the Sussex hamlet at the foot of the South Downs from where it takes is name, this super-premium gin uses eleven botanicals along with a base spirit distilled from grape – as was Jenever, the original Dutch spirit from which gin has evolved.

It is this unusual base, rather than a grain base, which gives Chilgrove Gin its unique character – more refined and elegant with sophisticated, approachable modern flavours, smooth and well balanced.

A perfect drink to enjoy any time – as a G&T, as a fizz with English sparkling wine and pink grapefruit juice, as a dry martini with vermouth, or as a Chilgrove Collins with soda.