August Cheeses & Recommended Wines

3rd August 2017

Cheeses of the Month

We’ve four cheeses for you this month that carry the 20% discount – look out for the red star.



Raclette – this semi-hard cheese is made with traditional methods from unpasteurised cows’ milk on both sides of the French and Swiss Alps. The name comes from the French word ‘racler’ to scrape. It has thin orange coloured rind, creamy firm smooth texture with an acidic, milky, nutty and sweet flavour and very distinctive pleasant smell.  It melts well so ideal for burgers and summer entertaining.

Gil our wine man from Corney & Barrow advises that a wine with bright flavours of citrus and cutting acidity but also a soft delicate character with a smooth, mouth-coating finish is required to match the raclette – the Pinot Gris from Santa Florentina in Argentina is perfect.  A real thirst-quencher with bright citrus and green apple flavours, white floral aromas and hints of spice and lychee. The lovely, fresh acidity balancing the ripe fruit flavours offers a real sense of purity.


Red Storm (v) from the Snowdonia cheese company.  This waxed punchy creamy Red Leicester is made with pasteurised cows’ milk.  Typically aged for 18 -21 months it develops an intense flavour with quality calcium crystals, a nutty texture and sweet caramel notes. Works equally well on a wedge of rustic bread or delicate spelt cracker and is a favourite for al fresco dining.

Gil recommends a glass of the Casa Felipe Carmenere with this cheese.  A wine of great depth of fruit and hints of chocolate on the palate make it a wonderful partner to the caramel notes and nutty texture in the cheese.  This wine is medium bodied so will not overpower the cheese and a refreshing level of acidity makes this wine a perfect partner for al fresco drinking as well.


Cornish Organic Brie (v) a delicious mild brie with semi-soft consistency and lovely bloomy rind.  As it ripens it develops a beautiful creamy texture, characteristic yellow buttery colour and distinctive mellow flavour as it melts in the mouth.

As something a little different, Gil suggests the gorgeous Domaine de Montauberon Rose as a pairing. This wine is fresh and full of red fruit flavours, in particular raspberry, and hints of white blossom on the nose. It is vivacious and well-balanced, with good acidity and length in the mouth.  Made in a similar way to the famous Roses of Provence, it is perfectly suited to have with food as well as on its own.  The acidity will cut through the creamy texture of the brie leaving the red fruit and floral characters to continue on the finish.


Gruyere D’Alpage – this seasonal gruyere is made only from summer milk of cows that graze high in the Swiss meadows giving it a distinctive flavour.  A hard cheese made from unpasteurised milk, it is then matured for a year and develops a complex flavour, full of sweet caramel notes and rich nuttiness.

Rowcliffe, our cheese suppliers are the only wholesaler to have secured nearly all the supply of this cheese so do take the opportunity to enjoy it whilst you can.

Gil recommends one of his personal favourites with the Gruyere – the cracking El Campesino Chardonnay from Chile – rich and well-rounded but bursting with fresh citrus and stone fruit characters.  These flavours and the creaminess on the finish will partner the caramel and nutty elements of the cheese.