British cheeses of the month

7th August 2018

Three British cheeses carry the 20% discount for this month – look out for the red star.

Westcombe Cheddar – made with rich unpasteurised Friesian cows’ milk from Lower Westcombe Farm in Somerset.  A traditional hand-crafted cloth-wrapped cheddar with deep nutty flavours especially hazelnut and citrusy grassy notes and a long lingering finish.  Has won numerous awards including Best Cheddar at the 2018 British Cheese Awards and enjoys PDO European status.

Rob from Corney & Barrow suggests the Marques de la Musa Viura-Chardonnay from Bodegas San Valero as great wine choice from sunny, sunny Spain! A lovely wine with that critical balance of refreshment and complexity – and one that should play over the nuttiness of the cheese but also compare beautifully-so with the citric-grassy element of the pairing.  


Rosary Goats with Herbs & Garlic (v) – a mild creamy and zesty fresh goat’s cheese with the savoury edge of garlic and herb.  Made by the Moody family in Landford, Wiltshire with milk from their own small herd of goats.  With mousse-like texture and natural acidity it works well on a biscuit, in a salad or for a tasty pasta dish – try in the middle of a ravioli case with tomato-based sauce.

The Pinot Noir from Recas Cramele is a great idea here, if not slightly unusual and could be best served up as a pairing ever-so-slightly chilled with the cheese (as recommended) in a ravioli casing. A perfect light luncheon awaits!


Shropshire Blue (v)– made with pasteurised cow’s milk this creamy semi-soft blue is a cross between Stilton and Cheshire.  As it matures it forms an orange-brown natural rind and smooth texture.  It has a sharp strong rounded flavour, tangy aroma and distinctive blue veining through the russet interior.

Something a touch sweeter suggests Rob – the Corney & Barrow Ruby Port is a classic match-up for this one, and just perfection for a late-night snack once the heatwave is through!