20% off March Cheeses & Matching Wines

1st March 2017

We’ve four cheeses for you this month; three carry 20% discount and one 30%. Look out for the red star.


Mrs Bells Blue (v):

One of the best award-winning sheep’s milk blue cheeses in Europe. Handmade in Yorkshire with locally sourced milk, it is matured for at least 10 weeks and develops a rich, soft, creamy and sweet flavour with a tang from the complex blue – comparable to Roquefort but less salty and creamier.

Rob our wine man from Corney & Barrow recommends the Vina Mar Chardonnay which has enough  tropical, lightly sweeter notes to marry up and compare with a cheese of this character. Expect the soft vanillas on the wine’s back palate to play between the respective blanched & blued hues of this enchanting cheese and ambassador for God’s own county!



A hard cheese made by expert Beppino Occelli in Piedmont, Italy from cow’s milk and either goat or sheep milk depending what’s in season; it’s then aged for 18-24 months before being wrapped in chestnut leaves.  An unusual cheese – tart and yoghurty with a soft parmesan like texture and sweet pineapple flavours and interesting fudgey breakdown just under the rind which has an almost boozy intensity. Available pre-packed.


Why not go with a Pinot Grigio – C&B’s own Montevento. Awash with white flowers and gentle hints of nuttiness all of its own, this wine serves to pair well with slightly more complex, harder cheeses that work on several different levels in kind. Prepare to be pleasantly refreshed between gobfulls of this delicious Occelli!


Peppercorn Brie (v)

This double-cream soft-ripened cheese is made with pasteurised cow’s milk and whole green peppercorns which are soft, not crunchy.  Creamy and mild, the peppercorns give a warm peppery flavour that’s not too strong.

Rob’s throwing in a change with this cheese and recommending a beer – Lignum Vitae by Grain – he might well have suggested a chardonnay or perhaps champagne – perhaps slightly extravagant for this time of year!  This strong old IPA will work well though, a great balanced bitterness (as opposed to acidity) and the lovely toasted citric notes pair well with the buttery texture of the cheese and tangy twist.


Quickes smoked cheddar- 30% discount.

This oak smoked cheddar is made on the family farm in Devon.  The cheddar is matured slowly for 12-15 months, wrapped in muslin cloth to develop a real depth and complexity of flavour.  The truckles are cut into 1.5 kg slices to ensure the flavour infuses through as the cheese is smoked over oak shavings.

Tempted as Rob is to recommend something nouveau or gauche, a Claret and Cheddar combination is traditional for good reason – super savoury and supremely delicious, the bight of the cheese’s maturity marries so well with the cab-led structuring (tannin and body) of the C&B Maison Sichel – enjoy!