Cheeses of the month & accompanying wines

6th February 2019

We have four cheeses that carry the 20% discount this month – look out for the red star.

Capricorn Somerset Goat Cheese (v) – made by the Lubborn Creamery in Somerset with milk from local goats that graze the lush pastures around Cricket St Thomas. The cheese ripens from the outside towards the centre and is gently sprayed with salt during the maturing process when an edible white rind grows. When young it is mild, crumbly and has a nutty flavour. As it ripens the white curd becomes softer, creamier and develops a fuller flavour. Serve with sesame crackers, fresh figs or crumbled on a salad.

The absolutely ideal and unusual wine to pair with this cheese is the Picpoul de Pinet Domaine de Morin Langaran 2017 states Rob, our Corney & Barrow wine guru. Picpoul is an old Languedoc grape variety that has been grown on the banks of Lake Thau, in sight of the famous oyster-beds of Bouzigues, for generations. Produced from vines that are aired by the salty sea breeze, this wine is unmistakably Mediterranean and will absolutely sing with this beautiful expression of goat’s cheese, from the equally beautiful valley of Cricket St Thomas.

Mature Cheddar heart– made by Ford Farm in Dorset and perfect for the cheeseboard on Valentine’s Day. Using milk from herds that graze locally, the cheese is traditionally handmade and wrapped in a burgundy wax coating that preserves the freshness.

The little Rioja is exactly as a ‘joven‘ (meaning’young’) should be: juicy and fruit-driven, showcasing dark cherry fruit and subtle spice. Based in Rioja Alavesa, the finest part of the region, the Altos de Baroja Rioja Joven, shows the potential of youthful Tempranillo to pair just as well with a ‘firmer’, ‘hard’ or ‘yellow’ cheese such as this cheddar as a more traditionally-minded pairing would. Such vivacity and freshness to be enjoyed here!

Truffle Brie – made by the French specialist Brie producer Rouzaire with cow’s milk. When this cheese is very young, it is cut horizontally and an indulgent mixture of crème fraiche, mascarpone and summer truffles added, the top is put back and the whole cheese left to mature in underground cellars. It develops a bloomy white crust that mottles as the cheese reaches maturity and the interior is at its soft and sumptuous best. Flavours are rich and decadent with the mushroom flavour of truffle highlighting the creamy soft character of the brie.

The distinguished and supremely drinkable Champagne Delamotte Brut goes perfectly here. Adding a glass of sparkling wine will always add to the pleasure of eating a truffle cheese and Rob sees no exception of that rule here. Let the zip of the fizz cut right through that softness providing a sound and ample contrast, while the richness of the wines (high) proportion of Grand Cru Chardonnay grapes meet the sumptuousness of the cheese.

Black Bomber (v) – The Snowdonia Cheese flagship cheese is an award-winning ‘cheddar with attitude’. This strong extra mature cheddar packs a powerful punch yet is surprisingly mellow, full of flavour with a bite and long- lasting aftertaste. Rich, slightly sweet and creamy and very moreish. Wrapped in black wax retains a moist smooth texture, distinctive from other traditional cheddars which are usually more crumbly.

With vibrant, cherry-plum notes and a spicy, liquorice finish, the Bodega Ruca Malen Malbec has an array of flavourful qualities to match, with a body and firmness, too, that should meet the character and structure of the Black Bomber soundly.  A pairing of equal parts distinction and deliciousness.