February Cheeses of the Month

5th February 2018

We have two cheeses that carry 20% discount this month, look out for the red star.

Beemster Classic Gouda – made from rich pasteurised cows’ milk in Holland, this semi-hard cheese is matured for at least 18 months developing a beautiful soft caramel colour and strong aroma.  It is creamy, firm and smooth with a complex taste of burnt caramel, salty and sharp sweet flavour that comes from the extensive aging.  It works well sliced for sandwiches, cubed for snacks or grated for cooking.

Rob, our wine expert from Corney & Barrow suggests their Vina Mar Chardonnay Reserva as a more unusual choice for the Gouda which traditionally goes with a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.  He feels that the purity of fruit and freshness of this wine will help bring out something a little extra in the cheese, not to mention the slightly sharp, saline character of the wine pairing up nicely with that in the cheese – something for the adventurous perhaps!


Red Storm (v) is a recent addition to the Snowdonia Cheese Company’s range and has a vivid red wax. This aged Red Leicester is a fabulously creamy cheese that is aged typically for 18 months creating a sweet and surprisingly complex intense flavour and crystalline nutty texture – adds a great splash of colour to any cheeseboard.

The C&B Claret is just the ticket declares Rob as having some decent maturity to it for an ‘every-day Bordeaux’.  The complexities and intensities of the cheese will marry wonderfully well with the richness of red and dark fruits in the wine – a traditional pairing, but nonetheless a sterling one!