Festive Cheeses

2nd December 2016

Festive Cheeses :

Wookey Hole is the award-winning West Country Farmhouse cheddar produced from milk sourced only from Dorset; handmade it is then aged for up 3 months in Wookey Hole Caves, an ancient tradition that gives the cheese its delicious rich and distinctive nutty and tangy flavour.




Colston Stilton – this perfect award-winning Stilton is handmade by Colston Bassett Dairy which has been making traditional cheeses for over 100 years.  It has a rich cream colour with blue veining throughout and smooth, creamy mellow flavour with no sharp acidic taste from the blue.  Melt in the mouth, it is always popular for the Christmas cheeseboard.


Vacherin – is only made in winter months when the cows have been brought down from their pastures high up in the Jura mountains.  It has a soft centre and is indescribably creamy and gorgeous – there’s no other like it.  Delicate with an orangey pink washed rind, it has a lingering rich flavour and bound by a band of spruce which permeates the cheese, it also has a distinct and pleasant aroma.


French Truffle Brie – this decadent cheese is made with Brie and a layer of winter black truffles running through the centre – a melt in the mouth combination with the delicate yet powerful truffles sitting well with the creamy, nutty brie.  The best cheeses are made with fresh truffles which are only in season from November – March.


Tastings – Ben, our cheeseman will be with us on Friday 9 December and Saturday 17 December.


Cheese Biscuits

Tasty varieties include –




Peter’s Yard  – the popular sourdough crispbread – spelt and fig, caraway, wholegrain and original

Millers Element –square artisan crackers – Fire, made with smoked flour and red hot chilli to pair with chorizo or a powerful gooey cheese; Water, made with just flour and water, no salt for a crisp neutral partner to cheese and Earth made from potatoes, beetroot and spinach to match a ham terrine or lemony goat’s cheese

Millers Harvest – individual square crackers in three varieties: nuts, seeds and their new three fruit for a crunchy bite.

Grate Britain – these artisan crackers are hand-baked, all butter with freshly grated cheese, egg and clotted cream – The Cheddar Crackers are made with fresh Wookey Hole Cheddar, Stilton Crackers with freshly crumbled Long Clawson Blue and Smoked Crackers with Dorset Red.