July’s News – Raspberries, Cherries, Fresh Flowers, Antler Chews & More

4th July 2017


It’s fresh raspberries this month – the most exquisite of British seasonal fruit which like other fruits are just flourishing in this year’s weather.

With their delicate blend of acidity and sweetness, vivid pink and lovely fragrance it’s time to make the most of the season.  They are incredibly tender though and have a short shelf life.  Our pick your own is now open, please note they don’t ripen once picked.



The raspberry is a member of the rose family and not a true berry where seeds are scattered though the pulp, rather an aggregate fruit made up of drupelets – individual sections of fruit each with its own seed

  • Healthy – contain more vitamin C than oranges, high in vitamin A, potassium, calcium, super high in fibre, low in calories, supply a good dose of folic acid, phytochemicals including beta-carotene that helps protect against heart disease and ellagic acid which is linked with reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Serve – simply on their own, with cream or ice cream. Use to make jam, tarts, trifles, cheesecakes, in a coulis with meringues, with chocolate mousse, for a salad with air-dried ham, sauces for game, to flavour white wine vinegar or in a cocktail with champagne.



Our strawberry crop continues to be delicious – because of the recent heat there’s limited PYO as we write but more crops will be ripening by the middle of the month – please check the website for up-to-date details.

Dan and the kitchen team are busy making strawberry and raspberry jam to Granny Pearce’s trusted recipe and available in kilner and jam jars – if you like making your own, we’ve also preserving sugar and 1 lb jam jars.

Do also make the most of the big, fat juicy English cherries this year – scrummy!



In the Shop

Green & Wilds Dog Treats & Chews

For those of you with dogs, do take a look at Green & Wilds new healthy treats and chews.  Made from 100% natural ingredients with no fillers or bulkers – products include fish, ox liver, venison, triple tripe, sweet potato treats; chew roots made from sustainable harvested root bulbs that don’t splinter and act as a toothbrush, suitable for puppies as well. Fantastic antler chews are totally natural, long lasting, contain good minerals and odourless to us. Fascinating to puppies and dogs who love the different taste and texture.

The eco toys are made from tough sustainable jute and designed to keep your dog happy for hours.



We also have Lily’s wholesome tinned dog and cat food. Using 100% natural ingredients and no additives or fillers it’s balanced and nutritious for healthy, happy pets.


Fresh Flowers

Picking our own fresh flowers now – a mix of cosmos, cornflower, snapdragon, godetia, larkspur – gloriously colourful bunches to give or as a treat for your own home.



Craft Beers

Walk tall, kick ass – if you speak and enjoy your craft beers – do take a look at the new selection we’re now stocking in cans: BrewDog: Punk IPA, Dead Pony Club

Purity: Lawless lager, Longhorn IPA, Saddle Black

Roosters:  Yankee Pale Ale

We’re rather pleased with our display stand for all the cans!



Tasting – 22 July – Northern Bloc Ice cream

Have you tried this delicious ice-cream yet? Started by young entrepreneurs in Leeds who couldn’t find a good tasty ice-cream they now have an Italian ice-cream master chef who is making the real thing. Smooth, natural, free from all those additives and artificial flavourings and in range of traditional flavours with just a modern twist that adds something special – hazelnut & tonka bean, ginger caramel, strawberry & black pepper, Madagascan bourbon vanilla, raspberry & sorrel sorbet.



Your kids will love Little Bloc too, served in small tubs with a spoon in the lid, there’s mega mango, crazy chocolate and super strawberry flavours. No refined sugar and egg free – the sorbet is suitable for vegans.



Cheeses of the Month

We’ve three West Country cheeses for you this month that carry a 20% discount. Look out for the red star.


Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar (v) – the Barber family in Ditcheat Somerset have been making cheese since 1833.  This deliciously creamy cheddar made with rich milk from their Holstein Friesian herd is made with traditional starter cultures and age-old methods. Matured for at least 24 months, it is full-bodied and complex with savoury and naturally sweet notes.  Ideal for cooking in dishes that benefit from a depth of flavour such as soufflés.


Gil our wine guru from Corney & Barrow recommends a glass of Santa Florentina Malbec with this cheese.  The wine is a gorgeous example of the Malbec grape, full of ripe dark berries and with more than a hint of rich mocha notes on the palate.  For a cheese of this stature, the wine needs to have structure and depth of fruit with a strong backbone and it certainly delivers on all fronts.  Delicious.


Cornish Blue – this moist sticky gorgonzola-ish and generally rather wonderful cheese is quite different from traditional English blues.  Cornish Blue is made by the Stansfields with milk from their own farm on the edge of Bodmin Moor.  Sweet, mild and creamy its distinctive character has been internationally recognised with numerous awards including Champion Cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2010.

Gil feels that every so often it’s nice to be extravagant and with this cheese he recommends a lovely glass of Le Colture Prosecco.  Prosecco is naturally riper than Champagne due to its production methods and this will pair wonderfully with the sweet and salty elements to the Cornish Blue.  The crisp acidity to Le Colture will also offer a refreshing finish, cutting through the stickiness and leaving us all wanting more.


Rachel Goat cheese (v) made by White Lake Cheese near Shepton Mallett, Somerset.  This semi-soft unpasteurised goat cheese has a smooth texture, slightly sweet, nutty flavour without the usual pungent aroma.  As it matures it is washed regularly in brine giving a dusky rind with orange and yellow spots.   Named after the owner’s friend who, much like the cheese is sweet, curvy and slightly nutty!


A long-standing favourite of Gil’s, La Petite Gasconne, works brilliantly with this cheese.  A blend of local varietals, this white wine is produced in an off-dry style with just the right amount of natural sweetness to compliment the bright acidity. An open and attractive nose of fresh citrus fruit and white flowers will partner the delicate characters in the cheese without being overpowering.



The Pearces