June Cheeses of the Month

7th June 2018

We’ve a trio of fine award-winning Scottish cheeses for you this month made by the Inverloch Cheese Company on the Isle of Kintyre.  They carry 20% discount – look out for the red star.


Drumloch (v)- a full fat hard pressed cheese that is hand made with milk from Guernsey cows.  This award-winning cloth bound cheddar has a beautifully creamy texture, wholly natural light golden colour and mild, sweet flavour.

Rob, our wine guru from Corney & Barrow recommends pairing this cheese with a glass of the Merlot Belvedere from Cecilia Beretta as the soft and velvety red fruit notes will wrap themselves around the hardness and sweetnesses of the cheese perfectly.


Howgate Blue – this indulgently soft creamy blue cheese is made to traditional methods where the curds are worked to create the perfect texture allowing the green-blue veins to develop uniformly.  The cheese is ripened for two months until the delicious mild blue flavour and creamy texture develops.

Yes, the Corney & Barrow Port is a typical pairing states Rob, but for him it’s a must and served at the end of the meal – the dried fruit & nuts are in the wine so there’s no need to add to the platter! — a perfect uniformity will be apparent between the two of succulence and structure. It’s one for those of a sceptical disposition on wine/food pairings!


Cambeltown Loch– An unpressed cheese that is made with blue cheese cultures so the natural spaces in its pate have varying degrees of visible blue mould.  The body of the cheese has notes of cheddar and the rind washed for two months in Cambeltown Loch whiskey gives it a wonderful boozy finish.

Gavi di Gavi (Fratelli Levis) is just one of those most affable and charming of wines, says Rob and there is no exception in its ability to pair up with a variety of different and unusual foods, boozy cheese included -one hopes! High acid, and a mineral brightness sets up the palate (along with its sumptuous white flower note) for the body and distinct wash of the cheese.