May's Cheeses & recommended Wines

3rd May 2017

Cheeses of the Month

We’ve four cheeses for you this month that carry a 20% discount. Look out for the red star.



Gruyere D’Alpage – this seasonal gruyere is made only from summer milk of cows that graze high in the Swiss meadows giving it a distinctive flavour from the different plants and grasses.  A hard cheese made from unpasteurised milk, it is then matured for a year and develops a complex flavour, full of sweet caramel notes and rich nuttiness.

We’re extremely lucky that Rowcliffe, our suppliers are the only wholesaler to have secured nearly all the supply of last year’s cheese – the rest will be for the Swiss elite.  Do take the opportunity to enjoy it whilst you can.

Gil our man from Corney & Barrow wine recommends a personal favourite of his with this cheese.   The cracking El Campesino Chardonnay from Chile is rich and well-rounded but bursting with fresh citrus and stone fruit characters.  These flavours and the creaminess on the finish will partner the caramel and nutty elements of the cheese.


Godminster Cheddar (v) – a strong creamy Cheddar made from Godminster’s own organic herd in Somerset.  Full of flavour with a definite bite at the finish.  It comes in a striking purple wax and a real treat on any cheeseboard.

A full-flavoured wine is required here and the beautiful 50/50 Rioja Joven stands up to the task.  It has an excellent purity of fruit and an aromatic character but is still packed with classic flavours of vanilla, strawberry and liquorice.  A great partner for this strongly flavoured cheddar.


Blue Murder (v) – this strong gorgonzola style cheese is made with pasteurised cow’s milk to a recipe created by Alex James, an ex-bass guitarist from the band Blur.  Softer and creamier than many blues it has a thin, sticky, grey-white rind, ivory interior and purple blue streaks.  The flavour is steely yet faintly sweet with hints of dark chocolate and spices on the finish.

Gil is remaining a traditionalist with the pairing of a good blue with a dessert wine and strongly recommends a glass (or two) of Château Septy from Monbazillac in the south west of France.  This is a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc affected by noble rot which naturally concentrates the sugars allowing for an intensely ripe wine with bright exotic and citrus fruit and honeyed notes.  It works extremely well alongside the saltiness of the cheese and complements the chocolate and spice on the finish.


Perl wen (v) – ‘white pearl’ is the delicious creamy brie-style cheese from Wales, soft and succulent with a citrus centre.

For extravagance, Gil reckons Champagne is the way to go but instead recommends another classic pairing of the Merlot-dominant Corney & Barrow St Emilion from the Right Bank of Bordeaux.  With the perfect blend of red and black fruits alongside supple but grippy tannins, this wine will not overpower the cheese but rather compliment and leave you wanting more.