New Year – new trends

11th January 2017

We’re reading this year that plant-based diets are set to explode as more of us cut down on eating meat and flexitarianism will be the new buzzword –  this is the term for eating mainly vegetarian or vegan but not strictly so. It’s considered to be an achievable option as you choose to eat meat at certain times that suit you, such as over a weekend or when eating out.

Not a new idea, but becoming increasingly popular to improve health.  High profile celebrities are leading the way endorsing meat free days and chefs like Jamie Oliver are focussing on the incredible range of delicious veggies available and how to make their most of all their flavours and textures and cook wonderful dishes. There will also be talk of using all parts of the veg from carrot tops, broccoli stalks, potato skin and watermelon rind – the full root to leaf.


Foods that health experts predict we’ll be talking about this year include:

  • Non-wheat pasta – made with quinoa for example or pea pasta, beetroot rice and endamame noodles
  • Coconut sugar and flour


  • Watermelon seeds – full of nutrients and vitamin B
  • Fresh turmeric root – this member of the ginger family is already well known for all its health and anti-inflammatory properties.  As well as being used in a wide range of dishes, it’s the golden milk lattes that are in vogue now – combination of nut milk and freshly juiced turmeric root.



  • As well as nut butters it’s the cold pressed nut oils too – almond, cashew, walnut, hazelnut and avocado oil – use sparingly raw as cooking can damage the fat
  • Algae as rich in omega-3 and readily available
  • Maqui berries, the Chilean berries rich in vitamin C and anti-ageing properties.   As a purple food it’s full of antioxidant anthocyanins, the purple pigment associated with disease fighting properties and shown to improve memory and brain function.
  • All the purple foods – beetroot, purple broccoli, kale, beans  aubergine to grapes, blackberries, blueberries and now blackcurrants which are being hailed for their effects on muscle recovery, performance and fat burning as well.


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