Our own Asparagus Now In

12th April 2017

Yea – our asparagus season has started; it’s early this year and we’re having to irrigate as it’s so dry but the crop is good and delicious tasty – and we just love it!



Quite an extraordinary vegetable as it can grow up to 10 cm a day – and it’s a real labour of love as each spear is picked by hand when it reaches the right height.



Packed full of goodness with high levels of vitamins A, K as well as C which boosts your immune system, potassium, iron, calcium and also a diuretic – good for detox but gives urine an unmistakable aroma – which curiously not everyone can smell!


So versatile – you can boil, steam, grill, roast or bbq.


Serve simply with melted butter or hollandaise sauce, bake in a quiche, enjoy with an egg and anchovy dressing, in a warm salad, with bacon and mozzarella in a slider or add with chilli and salmon to pasta for a speedy supper.


Do make the most of its short season – British asparagus is so superior and tasty compared to imported varieties during the rest of the year.