Pick up a jar of Moonshine

23rd August 2018

Moonshine was the name given to illegal alcohol produced during the American prohibition and conjures up vivid images of gangsters, bootleggers and hedonism.  Introducing a taste of those high-spirited days, we’re delighted to be stocking O’Donnell Moonshine, Tough Nut, Roasted Apple and Bitter Rose a grain-based spirit distilled using traditional techniques and bottled in original mason jars. To enjoy neat, with ice cream as well as some mean cocktails!

Tough Nut is unique made with essences of hazelnut, soft caramel and velvety nougat and dash of barrel-aged whiskey – enjoy neat, over ice, to go with coffee or as the ultimate cocktail mixer.

Roasted Apple, smooth with apples, almond, cinnamon and vanilla and squeeze of lemon – the sweetest liqueur that goes well with Christmas cake, Stollen or dribbled over ice-cream as well as with ginger beer and for cocktails.

Bitter Rose – an outrageous, truly original collision of flavours with grapefruit, rosehip and black elderberry which gives it the distinctive colour. Try with tonic, as a pink gin or add prosecco for a new take on Kir Royale.

Do pick up a jar and take a look at their website for cocktails and drinks ideas www.odonnellmoonshine.co.uk