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Our deli offers a delicious mix of our own lines of homemade food along with the very best from local suppliers and beyond. We have soups, risottos, patés, hummus, salads and coleslaw, sweet and savoury tarts all cooked by our kitchen team on site. There are also pork pies, sausage rolls and Manor Farm scotch eggs and other convenience foods such as the vegetable and potato dishes supplied by Mash Direct.


We love cheese and are really pleased to source an amazing selection of some 50 artisan British and continental cheeses, from the internationally renowned Coastal Cheddar from Dorset to the Two Hoots Barkham Blue and Suffolk Gold. Other dairy products include the West Country butters and superior Jersey creams.


There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a bowl of plump glossy olives. Our wonderful olive dome display allows you to help yourself to both black and green olives, some stuffed with moreish fillings – garlic, almond or chilli. The dome also offers antipasti delicacies such as sundried tomatoes, pesto peanuts, stuffed ‘peppas’, pickled onions and mixed seafood salad.


Our chicken, pork, lamb, beef, sausages and game are all sourced from local suppliers – all the meat we sell is reared using traditional farming methods and the animals have led natural, healthy lives leading to superb quality meat.



We have a fabulous selection of fresh quality fish – salmon, tuna, cod, haddock, sea bass, tuna, red snapper, delivered daily by local suppliers Marrfish who own their own trawlers and fish sustainably.



There is a good range of local charcuterie too, hams, bacon, chorizo and the traditional air dried salami from Suffolk Salami as well as smoked fish from Pinneys of Orford.