This Week – Eggs

20th September 2017

We just love a soft boiled egg with buttered sourdough soldiers – if you’re a bit of an egg lover too, do look out for our new supplier – Havensfield from Suffolk.  These are quality free range eggs at affordable prices and really are delicious – because of the happy hens.

Havensfield is owned by Alaistaire and Fiona Brice who are totally committed to ensuring the highest welfare standards of all their flocks which at 6,000 birds are relatively small in today’s commercial laying terms and fully traceable, free range out in the fields and carefully tended.


Eggs are one of nature’s most nutrient-dense foods and fit into many diets and lifestyles.  Along with high quality protein, they are rich in vitamin D, B2, B6, B12, iodine, selenium and other essential vitamins and minerals.


For chefs and cooks life without eggs is almost unthinkable as they are such a versatile ingredient due to their particular chemical make-up – from turning flour, butter and sugar into a light sponge, creating a rich mayonnaise with olive oil, setting a quiche or a chocolate mousse, creating a delicious light custard or whipping with sugar to make meringue.


There’s three sizes, medium, large and very large – do pick up a half a dozen when you’re next in.