This Week – Lizi’s Granola

24th January 2017

Have you tried this healthy breakfast option that’s delicious and completely satisfying?


Lizi’s home-baked granola was always a favourite with her B&B guests in the 1990s but it took her several years as an organic farmer to realise the importance of real food and inspired her to develop her range of granolas.  As well as using 100% natural ingredients, no wheat, no GMOs, no added salt, less sugar, they are specially formulated to have a low GL – glycaemic load per serving.  This means that the energy is released slowly, keeping you feeling fuller for longer and you should avoid those mid-morning cravings that come with so many other cereals.

Endorsed by registered and sports nutritionists as well as Olympian athletes, its suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


We have in stock the gluten free and low sugar granola – enjoy a bowl with fresh fruits, yoghurt or milk –