This Week – Local Honey

23rd January 2018

With many still suffering from colds and flu, hot lemon and honey is a favourite soothing remedy and our local Gabriel’s Honey has been flying off the shelves.

Gabriel who farms just south of Much Hadham and keeps some of his hives on our farm, makes two types of really gorgeous quality honey –

Spring Honey when the bees forage on many wild spring blossoms and then the oilseed rape.  The nectar yields the pale mild flavoured honey which sets very quickly with a fine texture –

It remains spreadable and is yummy on toast or in sandwiches.

Summer Honey is made with the nectar from blossoms of the field beans, brambles, clover and lime.  Golden in colour with a beautiful rich flavour, it is liquid and very versatile.

Use in those hot drinks, or it’s great for cooking, drizzling over cereals or yoghurt.

We’ve both varieties in stock – do pick up a pot of each