August news – eco homeware, fun greetings cards & more

6th August 2019


There’s an abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables to enjoy this month with runner beans, bobby beans, courgettes, cucumber, different lettuce, globe artichoke, sweetcorn and tomatoes. The Opals, the first of the plums are already available – extremely sweet and juicy – there’s also cherries, the English apples Discovery and Bramley will soon be on the shelves and we’re still picking our own strawberries and raspberries.

Do make the most of the British produce, it really does have so much more flavour.

In the Shop


If you’re heading outdoors for picnics, Dan and the kitchen team are busy making easy foods to pack up and go from quiches and pies to hummus and dips, fruity couscous, coleslaw, sausage rolls and scotch eggs. Our homemade meringues provide a quick easy pud too.

Eco Homeware

A collection of products from the Dutch company Zuperzozial are as contemporary and stylish as they are durable. Shopper bags made from washable paper, stackable cannisters with cork lids, chopping boards, mugs and handy travel mugs are all made from biodegradable bamboo and corn, also wheat straws and steel straws – all joyful, trendy and functionable as well as environmentally conscious.

From Goodeehoo we have a range of beautifully designed vegan friendly handbags and accessories. An unusual name that came about from the fact that Natalie and Ceri Jones, the owners believe all their products are ‘trends that turn heads’. The owl is the only animal that can turn its head 270 degrees. Owl however is a little boring for a name, but the Welsh for owl is Gwdihw – so they went with the phonetic spelling Goo-Dee-Hoo!

The products include a large purse, clutch bag, makeup pouch and organiser tray that all come wrapped with eco-friendly branded tissue paper and recyclable craft bag – a perfect gift or treat for yourself.

Greetings Cards

Fun, quirky and unique – send a memorable pop-up card from Cardology and make someone’s day. Created using a technique called Sliceform engineering with an Asian artform Kirigami, these cards are extraordinarily intricate – as they open up 180⁰ a miniature work of art inside completely ‘pops up’. Amazing! Of course, the landrover caught our eye immediately!

The 3D magic box greeting cards will also give a smile. These unique structures are designed to display beautiful art in a miniature three-dimensional world – take a careful look at the interesting details hidden in each of the three layers.

In the Garden

For late summer flowering for your borders the Crocosmia Carmine Brilliant make a striking impact with their arching sprays of bold tomato-red flowers and green pleated leaves. The Lavender Angustifolia, the species most valued for its high quality oil and beauty has an unbeatable scent and loved by bees too – the large globe flowers of the hydrangeas give a stunning display.

Cheeses of the Month

We have three British cheeses for you to enjoy with their 20% discount this month – look out for the red star. With thanks again to Rob from Corney & Barrow for his suggested wines to accompany the cheeses.

Dorset Red (v) – this distinctive smoked semi-hard cheese is made from the rich creamy milk from cows which graze the lush pastures of Ford Farm in West Dorset. It has an amber coloured body encased in a rich red rind which gradually develops as it smokes over natural oak chips. Smooth velvety texture subtly infused with tones of smoked oak.

The Belezos Rioja Crianza, from Bodegas Zugober will go superbly. Garnet red in colour, clean and intense aromas of red fruit and spicy notes. The palate displays rich plum, dark cherry fruit and warm spices, long lasting on the palate. Fresh balancing acidity and ripe tannin structure. Ever so similar to the Dorset Red and one to enhance the other!

Lord London – this unique bell-shaped cows’ cheese is made by Alsop & Walker. A semi-soft clean citrus tasting cheese with a natural creaminess and an edible white skin which has a light dusting.

Rob suggests pairing intensities of sort here, with the ever popular Sanziana Pinot Grigio from Recas Cramele. It has opulent aromas of grapefruit and peach with fresh flavours of melon, apple and zesty citrus. Lovely stuff to go ever so well with the Lord!

Cornish Yarg (v) – it’s all about nettles! This semi-hard cows’ milk cheese is made by Lynher Dairies who use nettle leaves as they attract naturally occurring moulds and are brushed onto the cheese in concentric circles. As the cheese matures, the edible wrap imparts a delicate mushroomy taste and develops its unique bloomy white appearance. Once matured, nettled Yarg is fresh, lemony with a creamy texture under its beautiful rind and Caerphilly cheese-like crumble texture in the core.

The C&B Ana Sauvignon Blanc should be a grand match! Named after winemaker Michiel Eradus’ daughter, Ana could be described as a typical Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with cut grass aromas, gooseberry flavours and refreshing citric acidity. With its equally attractive price tag, it makes for a perfect summer twos up with this lovely Cornish Yarg.

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