Cheeses for May include a new cheddar

2nd May 2019

We have three cheeses for you in May that carry 20% discount.  Look out for the red star.

If you enjoy a glass of wine with your cheese – Rob at Corney & Barrow has recommended some great pairings too:

Pitchfork Cheddar – a brand new, organic, cloth bound West Country Farmhouse cheddar from the artisan cheesemakers at Trethowan Dairy. Made using raw cow’s milk and animal rennet, it’s a full-bodied cheese with a dense creamy texture, fruity and tangy and the taste keeps going and going. A beautiful patina on the mottled rind and odd blue vein is proof of its traditional methods of aging.

The Trethowans moved production of their Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese from Wales to near the village of Cheddar, Somerset in 2014 and felt compelled to add the clothbound Cheddar to their cheese production, an unusual move for cheesemakers to add a long maturing cheese to the quicker maturing faster turnaround of making Caerphilly as its usually the opposite way around – successfully though quickly picking up Best Cheese at the International Cheese Awards .

The name was decided upon because the Trethowan brothers who make the cheese still use pitchforks in the old- fashioned way to toss the curd and mix the salt.

Rob suggests going for the perennial crowd pleaser and in deference to the brothers Trethowan, their Gavi di Gavi – itself made by the brothers Levis (or Fratelli Levis, in italiano). A wine that naturally can accompany a wide range of cows’ milk cheeses, from the softer Saint Marcellin to the harder Grana Padano, it’s one to go for to break the ‘red & cheddar’ paradigm and with its lively acidity and array of stone fruits and white flower on the nose something altogether very fit for the sunny May days ahead.

Brighton Blue (v) – a mild semi-soft cheese with a mellow blue flavour and slight salty finish. The blue green veins deepen as the cheese matures and the taste of the blue strengthens. It has an attractive natural edible rind. Hand made from organic cows’ milk by the family-run High Weald Dairy in West Sussex, the cheese has won numerous awards including Super Gold at the World Cheese awards 2017/18.

The Barroccio Rosso is Rob’s choice to pair with this cheese, a delightful Nero d’Avola with impressive dried fruit character on the palate – hailing from the most beautiful Sicily. Certainly one for those less eager to open up the Port in summertime, but in search of those alluring developed fruit characteristics to swing with the salty goodness of the blue.

Sussex Marble Garlic & Herb (v) – a continental style, semi soft creamy cheese also from the High Weald Dairy. Based on their Saint Giles cheese – similar to Saint Paulin/Port Salut and infused with garlic and parsley. Try melted on steak or chicken or use as ready-made garlic butter.

Corney & Barrow’s Petit Gasconne Blanc will be a terrific choice here and most in keeping with the season, if not at its best when melted over chicken as recommended. Delightful green fruits are at the fore in this wine, which bears a good acidity and therefore creates just the right zip to refresh the palate between bites. Simply done and done beautifully.