British classics for the Festive cheeseboard include:

Colston Bassett Stilton – rich and creamy with a deep lingering complex flavour

Snowdonia’s flagship Black Bomber – the strong extra mature cheddar that packs a powerful presence – carries a 20% discount – look out for the red star

Cheddar Truckles

Cornish Blue – an award-winning blue quite different from others with a firmer, milder taste and made to be eaten young.

Whole baby Stilton, (approx 2.5 kg)


Continental cheeses:

Brie with Truffles from Rouzaire- a very indulgent cheese with a gooey truffle centre

Whole Brie – made with unpasteurised milk, it’s pungent, ripe and ready to eat.

Vacherin Mont d’Or (450 g) – wrapped in a strip of bark from the spruce tree – a traditional Christmas cheese perfect for entertaining

Normandy Camembert (1kg)

Mini Valtaleggio truckles from Italy with herbs, truffle and traditional flavours