Eggs – goose and duck

17th January 2019

Goose eggs are big – really big! About three times the size of chicken eggs, they are a delicious delicacy with much more flavour, richer, eggier, highly nutritious and deeply coloured, look pretty dramatic on the plate when fried or poached too.

You can use in any recipe as a substitute for chicken eggs, just adjust the volume as they have a bigger yolk and less egg white which can lead to heavier, moister, denser baked items – try adding a chicken egg white to balance the mix.  They also work well in egg dishes such as omelette, frittata and make a wonderful pasta.

Geese only lay about 40 eggs a year and are available now.

Duck eggs make a nice alternative to chicken eggs too – larger, creamier, richer and with a tougher shell last longer.  The yolk is rich with healthy fats and the higher protein content of the white makes them easy to cook with – you’ll get fluffier cakes, higher meringue peaks and lighter cookies.