Cheeses of the Month

12th September 2019

We have three cheeses for you that carry 20% discount this month – look out for the red star.

Delice de Bourgogne – a decadent triple-cream cheese. Rich and full flavoured with a smooth velvety melt-in-the- mouth texture.

Snowdonia’s Red Storm (v) – a strong and creamy vintage red Leicester. Typically aged for 18-21 months creating an intense flavour and refined texture.

Gorgonzola – one of the world’s oldest blue-veined cheeses from northern Italy. Made with unskimmed cow’s milk it has a crumbly, soft texture and nutty aroma and a mild to sharp taste depending on its age. Use on a cheeseboard paired with grapes, honey and pistachios or for risottos, pastas or pizza.