September’s delicious fruit & nuts

3rd September 2019

Seasonal fruit & veg to enjoy –

British apples. Naturally nutritious, crunchy, full of flavour and many wonderful varieties to eat as a snack or used  for a delicious dish. Keep an eye out as more arrive.

British plums come in many wonderful guises – greengages, damsons – tart or very sweet, in rich colours from light greens and yellows to dark reds and purple; great for eating on their own or roasting, stewing and poaching are excellent cooking methods.

Kentish cobnuts – a type of hazelnut sold fresh and not dried like most other nuts. Can only be brought from about the middle of August to October. At the beginning of the season, the husks are green and kernels are particularly juicy. Nuts harvested later have brown shells and husks and a fuller flavour.