Seville Oranges & Marmalade

14th January 2019

The citrus fruits are at their peak at the moment, most notably Seville oranges.  These dimpled, thick skinned and powerfully aromatic oranges have an intensely sharp and bitter juice that is just right for making wonderful marmalade.

For those of you who like making your own, we also have preserving sugar, juicy lemons and jam jars and you may like to try our family recipe – below.  For those who don’t, our kitchen team have been busy making this same recipe for sale in the shop.

Sevilles aren’t only for marmalade though as their tart juice works very well in marinades or dressings to cut through the richness of meat and game, in puddings such as orange meringue pie, for a delicious curd spread on toast or in the middle of a Victoria Sandwich.

Do grab a few kilos and make the most of their very short season – they do freeze well.

Granny Pearce’s Seville Marmalade


4lb Seville oranges

3 ½ pints water

2 lemons

6lb granulated sugar.


Boil washed fruit in the water for at least 2 hours.

Cool and then cut fruit into quarters and push pips into a muslin lined sieve over a bowl.

Chop the fruit in batches in a food processor until the required size and return to pan.

Squeeze juice from muslin and return to pan together with any juice left from the chopped fruit.

Add sugar and boil until it sets – about 40 minutes.

To test if set, put a teaspoonful of marmalade onto a cold plate, if it crinkles when pushed with a finger – it’s set!

Pot, cover and eat.