Pick Your Own

Our Pick Your Own is now closed for 2020

Sadly, there’s been a tremendous amount of damage and wastage to the fruit this year and so we have had to close early.

There is however still plenty of ready picked homegrown fruit available in the shop.




  • Strawberries

    We first started growing strawberries in 1978 and now grow a number of varieties for pick your own which opens from May/June for two to three months; the timing and availability does depend very much on the weather each year. The strawberries are all grown on the table top structure so our more elderly or infirm customers can also enjoy picking their own too! With the super rainwater harvesting system for irrigation we can guarantee a wonderful tasty crop.

  • Raspberries

    Raspberries are very tender and delicate fruit and our picking season depends very much on the weather. We will post notices as to when the pick your own is open.

Please note

As a family business we work hard throughout the year to make sure that our PYO fruit is the best possible crop for you.
We have noticed however that people, including children are helping themselves with no intention of paying for the fruit they pick.  In recent years, this sadly is leading to many PYO farms closing.  We have been offering this enjoyable experience for many years now and would like to continue to do so.  As tempting as it is to try the fruit you pick, please refrain from eating it until paid for in the shop.

Due to strict health and hygiene rules, we are unable to accept fruit picked by anyone other than our members of staff.